About Trimwire

Accelerating Progress

Trimwire's mission is to help organizations adapt to the growing ubiquity of software.

A new status quo

Salesforce rebuilt how sales get closed, Slack showed a path beyond email, and Zapier enabled software to work together in ways their developers never imagined.

The next generation workforce will be digital first, working hand in hand with intelligent software that brings automation to every workflow.

Tools of the trade

Despite the fact that every organizations now uses software to multiply their efficiency, tools for managing it are not up to par.

Instead, IT and Finance departments play firefighter, taking a reactive approach to managing technology as growth necessitates more tools and complexity.

Human in the loop

Trimwire was founded on the belief that software is becoming ever more essential for companies to remain competitive in the global market.

By automating the management of existing and new software, we hope to empower organizations with an unprecedented ability to achieve their goals.
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